Sunday, June 24, 2012

2. OOTD/ Football Outfit ♥

That had been my look yesterday, when I was at a birthday party and watching the quarterfinals of the EM :)
Germany won& everybody had been happy :D

It just had been a very spontaniously created look

slim silver Necklace- JC 149 Swedish Crowns
black Leather Jacket- Zara 50€
grey male Tshirt*- H&M 9,95€
brown Leather Belt- Vintage
Jeans- H&M 27,95€
grey Shoes- Chucks Light

* I cut the neckline myself because origionaly it was very tight and I hate that! 
So I brought me a really cool tshirt from the male section of H&M and then later drew a neckline on it in the front and back and just cut it.

Things I wanna reach in 2012!

- Dip-Dye
- Christopher Street Day in Cologne :)
- celebrate a perfect sweet 16 :D
- watch Germany winning the EM
- find my own special style
- get my parents room
- sleepover on a balconet
- go to the Nachtschwärmer flea market in Cologne Ehrenfeld
- get along with my feelings


1. OOTD :)

My first OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) :)

black Leather Jacket- Zara 50€
grey Cardigan- H&M 19,95€
grey Top- H&M 9,95€
black Skirt- NewYorker 9,95€
brown used Leather Boots- Vintage