Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salt& Vinegar chips ♥

I really love Walker salt& vinegar chips. I would die for them!
The 1st time i ate them had been in England I've been on a class trip to Oxford. i didn't like the english food except of them so I only ate them the whole trip ling. I think 2 weeks :D
But them I forgot them until our next class trip to London :)
I've carried out to take two big packets homewards, but in the bus we ate all bags except of one that I gave to my mother :)

Yesterday I was in a hurry but still had to buy a birthday present for a friend so I thought I could have a look in the English Shop in Cologne because she's going to Ireland next summer. There I bought an Ireland flag but when I was standing at the cash I saw the Walkers and I just had to buy a big pack half of it I gave to my friend but the other three I ate on the way to the party :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About me

name: Kira
nickname: Kiri
birthday: 29th July 1996
place of Birth: Cologne
home place: Lechenich (near Cologne)
star sign: Leo
occupation: Student
languages you speak: German, English, French, Italian& a bit Russian
hair color: dark ash blond
eye color: grey, blue& green
best features: eyes, legs& stomach
braces: yes
piercings: only earrings
tattoos: no but want my sister's name on the inner wrist of my right hand and when I have children I want their names under hers
which hand do you use: right

1st best friend: Michèle
" award: art competition
" sports: football& athletics
" real holiday: Indonesia, Netherlands& Austria
" concert: the Kooks 2011

Favorite film: LOL, Easy A& A Nightmare on Elmstreet
" TV show: Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, New Girl& Desperate Housewives
" color: grey, pink& burgundy
" song: Bück dich hoch- Deichkind
" restaurant: sushi bar in a near shopping center
" store: H&M, Zara, Liebeskind Berlin& Hollister
" book: Alice in wonderland, The passage& The Snowman
" magazine: InStyle
" shoes: my sister's grey wild leather half boots
" outfit: blue jeans, white v-neck t-shirt, a grey cardigan, sneakers& my pearl necklace
" subject: Art& Italian
" perfume: Fierce by Abercrombie& Fitch but the Cologne& Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Currently feel: stressed but happy
" weight: 56kg
" partnership: single & happy
" eat: sushi
" song: Leider Geil- Deichkind
" thinking: I should better learn for my math exam on friday :/
" watching: New Girl
" wearing: brown leather boots, blue mottled legin, grey long top, a big brown mottled  wool cardigan and my favorite pearl necklace
" sport: Kickboxing& Zumba

For the future...
... children: 1st a boy& then 2 years later a girl
... get married: no
... career: something with fashion or forensic scientist
... home place: Cologne, LA or Stockholm

Do you believe in...
... star signs: yes cause the star signs of me and nearly all my friends are really true and I think that's very fascinating
... god: yes I do but not into Jesus
... miracles: yes
... love at the first sight: no just attraction and only when you're getting to know each other you can fall in love with the other person
... ghosts: no
... aliens: yes cause the universe is so big and I think it would be sad if we would be the only people in the universe
... soul mates: yes
... heaven& hell: no
... karma: yes
... kissing on the first date: yes but no sex
... boys should make the 1st step: no if you like someone just tell him with a smile and hope the best
... yourself: yes cause I think that you first must have accepted yourself and then can be loved

DIY Mustache

I couldn't find a really cool mustache stamp that was under 10€ so I decided that I might do one myself :)

You just need:
- eraser (in the size you want the mustache to be)
- pen
- scalpel or razor-sharp
- ink

1. Draw a nice mustache onto your eraser. It can be helpful if you first draw a line in the middle and then try to do both halves the same. Can take some time.

2. Take your scalpel and cut around the lines.

1.->2. ->

 3. Then try to cut the unnecessary eraser pieces out.

 4. In the end it will look somehow like this, but it depends on the shape of your mustache :D

Just a tip be careful when you cut the pieces out cause you slip down very easily.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

StyleSuzi ♥

I just have to admit that I love StyleSuzi! She's such an inspiring, beautiful and nice person she's adorable, but that's only my opinion. And I've always the feeling that she really knows what she's talking about and never suggests something that she hasn't tested and isn't convinced of.
Just a little tip have a look at her blog maybe you'll be also interested in it :D

And I'll show you her newest tutorials: