Monday, February 27, 2012


Dunno but I have to say that I really like texts like these cause I think that they're great to tell your feelings or if you try to set a target for you eg. try to have more fun when you're young cause when you're old it's too late :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think that this image some friends of me took is such a nice picture.
It's just inspiring me and when I look at it I start thinking about friendship and what does it means, that you start bothering about the other and spend a lot of time together. And I think about being the same opinion and if not that it doesn't mind it's just about this feeling that there's someone that bothers about you and who you can tell all secrets of the whole world because you trust him :)

1st outfit :)

but have to tell you that this one is older. I think from last fall :D

Leggin: H&M
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Bershka
Bag: dunno. a friend's one :D

Friday, February 24, 2012


my wardrobe

I just got the amazing but also time consuming idea that I'll take pictures of my fave clothes, bags and shoes and that I'll post them here. Maybe but I dunno if I'll do it just because the weather and lightning isn't the best at the moment I also will take pictures of my fave outfits. :)
I'm very excited and I think that I'll ask one of my best friends for help because she's an amazing photographer :D Kathi you know that you're meant ;) :*

How I deal with my stuff

Honestly I love all my stuff, my bags, shoes, clothes and media stuff but I've a little problem and that's that I'm not very good to most of them accept my clothes and my laptop and most times my mobile but that'S it.
I really love all my stuff but  the're no human beings, have no feelings and all that stuff but I always feel so bad when I discover a new scratch or spot and always think i'll be better to my things but 5 minutes later my mobile falls out of my hand onto the street and there's a new scratch :(

Telling you a secret I got mine mobile for christmas and it looks like dunno let's say just really bad. It had been white but all the corners are nearly grey and hopeless scratched and I just love it that much but Karneval also hadn't been very kind to it :(

If I'm honestly I just have to say that I love these bags but also that they are a bit too expensive. If I'd have the money i would directly take the silver one because it's so glittering and special

That's why I'm normally looking for amazing but cheap stuff like these shoes. They're amzing the colour and this spring/ summer feeling :) Better than pink trousers but that's my opinion :D They coast 29,95€.
(I've posted the link of it underneath the picture)

The next thing that I'm going to buy is this bag by 'Liebeskind Berlin' very popular in Germany at the moment. And I have to say that I rally love this one so much! One of my best friends has it and it's perfect for me little but with a lot of space in it for my stuff (and you can trust me when I say that I've always a lot of stuff in my bag :D) This one is the model 'Maike' made of Nubuk leather in the colour mud and it's 99,90€. You can get this model in many colours and out of different leathers :) Just love it ♥

What I love

I love my friends.
I love my familiy.
I love London.
I love strawberries.
I love nail polish.
I love my nails.
I love coke light.
I love Sambucca.
I love Paris.
I love liquorice.
I love long and healthy hair.
I love the love.
I love the sun.
I love summers.
I love grey clothes, totally chilled.
I love white so pure.
I love living my live as a teenage girl.
I love Cologne.
I love sunsets.
I love driving fast.
I love the last summer.
I love Karneval.
I love my next birthday- 16!
I love my best male friend.
I love Rihanna.
I love sunshine whit a light breeze.
I love brown Labradors.
I love Adele.
I love Auletta.
I love house music.
I love dancing.
I love fairy tales.
I love horror and action movies .
I love claims.
I love writing.
I love taking pictures.
I love police tv series.
I love ZARA.
I love candlelight.
I love pineapple.
I love Gossip Girl.
I love Vampire Diaries.
I love Berlin Tag und Nacht.
I love that really grungy but still elegant out-of-bed-look.
I love curls.
I love intricate chains.
I love blazers.
I love really skinny jeans.
I love Hollister.
I love Abercrombie& Fitch.
I love Gilly Hicks.
I love human jogging pants.
I love the iPhone 4S.
I love Longchamp.
I love down jackets.
I love leather jackets with fake fur.
I love H&M.
I love bracelets.
I love Fossil watches.
I love Michael Kors watches.
I love golden jewelry.
I love pearls.
I love diaries.
I love notebooks.
I love my laptop.
I love Charmed.
I love Sauerbraten (typical German dish).
I love Chanel.
I love sms.
I love looks that are worth than thousand words.
I love smiles.
I love Underground driving.
I love dark blond hair.
I love my best friends who's at the moment in Canada.
I love my mobile.
I love English books.
I love Norwich books.
I love thrillers and crime fiction.
I love my cat, Lisa.
I love my little sister and her hair.
I love eyeliner and mascara.
I love it to have thousands of  covers and pillows in my bed.
I love the fields at my place.
I love the Ringe in Cologne.
I love to hear the stories of my best male friend's last weekend (he's always drunken).
I love dreaming.
I love wishes.
I love sour apples.
I love straight, white teeth.
I love presents.
I love lingerie.
I love taking a long and hot shower.
I love giving presents.
I love it when you fall asleep and know that he lies next to you.
I love Bootshaus.
I love the Diamonds.
I love Becks Ice.
I love Nachtflug.
I love Stylesuzi (
I love getting ready for night.
I love Michelle Phan (
I love Totoro.
I love necklaces.
I love rings.
I love earrings.
I love New York.
I love scarves.
I love we♥it (
I love Caiphirinha.
I love nightly walks especially in summer.
I love fireplaces.
I love Cologne by night.
I love Christmas markets.
I love mulled wine.
I love cookies.
I love Christmas.
I love chewing gum.
I love brownies.
I love cheesecake.
I love organizing events.
I love chucks.
I love high heels.
I love falling in loving and splitting up (both are new beginnings).
I love teen, dancing and cheerleader movies (watching them the whole Sundays).
I love A Nightmare on Elmstreet.
I love my mum and my dad.
I love talking to my best friends.
I love meeting my best friend and before saying hello smiling at him until he starts laughing.
I love driving scooter.
I love Vespas.
I love getting compliments for my look, body, smile, etc.
I love Zoeva cosmetics.
I love Maybelline L'oreal.
I love Catrice Foundations.
I love Emmi nail polishes.
I love reading my monthly InStyle.

and so much more :)