Thursday, October 18, 2012

revelling in memories

Everybody can say that autumn is here, the sky is grey and cloudy, sun can't break through and what's about me I'm just swelling in summer memories. I remembered that my friends and I had been taking photos in the fields beside my house, so I started searching for them took its time but I found them in the width of my laptop. So here some photos... or not first posting a photos of last spring :D 
Have to make it more exciting ;)

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disney films

I really really have to admit that I love disney films. At the moment my favorite film is Rapunzel Tangled it's so sweet, funny and the characters are so realistic :)

I think that it's an advice for children to be self confident and trust in whom they are. I had been very impressed by little Rapunzel saying NO! to her bad 'mum' when she wants to take her with her.

Also it shows partly that love isn't always perfect. When Rapunzel gives Eugene the crown back she thinks that he runs away and leaves her behind and she's very sad about that but in the end both come together again.

All in all I think the film is very good and not only something for little children but for old man like my dad :D

5♥ of 5♥

Saturday, July 28, 2012

my autumn must-haves

Everybody knows it a season is not even past, you just start to be happy about your purchases and then you start thinking about the next season. For me it's just like this now. Summer isn't over yet, also if it hasn't been like I would have expected it here in Germany, but I directly start thinking of what want to purchase for the ''colder'' season.
I love autumn but I also have to admit that I love summer however I think that autumn is a lot easier season and it's so easier to be stylish cause you can layer a layer over a layer and at the top another layer. :D
I really really like layering and I always look out for nice, high quality basics and for clothes that are more unique like and that give the outfit that special look.

But I'm digressing so back to the main massage of this post the things I wanna purchase for or in autumn:

That's a look that I imagined when I saw this fake leather trousers and I just though it would look very cool with a chilled white shirt and a cardigan in a chilled color, normally I would combine it with a grey cardigan instead of a wine read one but wine red fits more to autumn I think.

These are the clothes I combined (all by H&M):


- - -

And this is a wonderful statement necklace I saw at Zara and I couldn't hold on me but fall in love with it. It's so gorgeous and sweet with the bees and these wonderful green tones :) To be honest I normally don't like wearing green but I already have so many ideas how I could conclude it into an outfit.

For the moment this is all I already know I wanna purchase but there are some things I know I wanna purchase too but i haven't determined on a special thing. Luck will be on my side so I'm sure that I'll find something perfect like I imagined it.

- wild leather ancle boots with a nice heel
- classic trenchcoat
- friendship bracelets
- that Zara parka with leather sleeves
- a grey chilled cap
- nice tights
- my last pair of grey chucks light


Sunday, July 1, 2012

wonderful weekend :)

This weekend had been so wonderful :) Not only that the boy I'm interested in apologized to me for being to nervous so that he just turned around and went when I came straight to him to welcome him. but also two of my best friends graduated on saturday :) and that I forgave my male ex-best friend for hitting my ex boyfriend, he just don't know that :S :D

I think the next week until the summer holidays start will be chilled but also complicated cause I have to tell that male ex-best friend that I forgave him but just dunno how I should do that. 
I think that I will have to make another step toward that boy I'm interested in and that also will get complicated (*). 
Last but not least I will have to meet all my friends that are going to go away in the holidays and there's just not enough time :( 
and finally I will have to decide on the people I want to invite to my birthday party in august but I hate that kind of things cause I'm very bad in deciding that kind of things and I have to send the invitations to all of them.

(*EXTRA INFO to that boy I'm interested in:
Last friday we met on the birthday party of one of my best friends and I really didn't know many people cause I'm at another school :/ but most of them also lived in my town so I knew the most faces. And after a while a friend invited me to sit with her and her friends, so I sat down and next to me sat that boy. He's really cute, humorous and taller than me :) but he also smokes a lot but being realistic I like man who smoke like cigarettes :/ From the beginning on he always included me in the conversations and it worked. All in all he was very nice :) Later that evening my friend and he wanted to throw the ashtray away, so we went to the next playground and threw it into the trashcan. My friend had the idea that we could rock but there was a little problem 3 people but only 2 rocks. So he and me had to rock together and what had happened then had been so sweet :) When I sat down on his lap he directly put his arm around my waist and hold me also he lay down his head on my shoulder and watched me the whole time even when my friend was speaking :)
We all went back but later we went there again but this time my friend said that she had to go to the toilet. So we were alone and he tried to kiss me but I just turned him down :/ and he looked so sad and I really dunno why I did that cause I really really like him and in the moment when I said >sorry but that won't work< I knew that what I did was wrong :( but that's how it works :D)

New Discovery

Recently I discovered a new Youtube channel :D ( and I have to admit that I really really love it!
She makes lovely makeup and hair tutorials and she also has a blog (

3. OOTD (chilled sunday look)

It's just a chilled sunday looks :D ♥ 

golden male sunglasses- H&M 7,95€
golden pearl necklace- Vintage
grey Cardigan- H&M 19,95€
nearly black printed Top- Bershka 14,95€
berry red Hot Pen- Tally Weijl 17,95€
brown, golden genuine leather sandals- Marco Polo 49,95€

If I want my outfit to look a bit more chilled I normally combine grey with it if that goes together with the rest of it or I tuck my shirt in the front of my trousers.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

2. OOTD/ Football Outfit ♥

That had been my look yesterday, when I was at a birthday party and watching the quarterfinals of the EM :)
Germany won& everybody had been happy :D

It just had been a very spontaniously created look

slim silver Necklace- JC 149 Swedish Crowns
black Leather Jacket- Zara 50€
grey male Tshirt*- H&M 9,95€
brown Leather Belt- Vintage
Jeans- H&M 27,95€
grey Shoes- Chucks Light

* I cut the neckline myself because origionaly it was very tight and I hate that! 
So I brought me a really cool tshirt from the male section of H&M and then later drew a neckline on it in the front and back and just cut it.

Things I wanna reach in 2012!

- Dip-Dye
- Christopher Street Day in Cologne :)
- celebrate a perfect sweet 16 :D
- watch Germany winning the EM
- find my own special style
- get my parents room
- sleepover on a balconet
- go to the Nachtschwärmer flea market in Cologne Ehrenfeld
- get along with my feelings


1. OOTD :)

My first OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) :)

black Leather Jacket- Zara 50€
grey Cardigan- H&M 19,95€
grey Top- H&M 9,95€
black Skirt- NewYorker 9,95€
brown used Leather Boots- Vintage

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salt& Vinegar chips ♥

I really love Walker salt& vinegar chips. I would die for them!
The 1st time i ate them had been in England I've been on a class trip to Oxford. i didn't like the english food except of them so I only ate them the whole trip ling. I think 2 weeks :D
But them I forgot them until our next class trip to London :)
I've carried out to take two big packets homewards, but in the bus we ate all bags except of one that I gave to my mother :)

Yesterday I was in a hurry but still had to buy a birthday present for a friend so I thought I could have a look in the English Shop in Cologne because she's going to Ireland next summer. There I bought an Ireland flag but when I was standing at the cash I saw the Walkers and I just had to buy a big pack half of it I gave to my friend but the other three I ate on the way to the party :D

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About me

name: Kira
nickname: Kiri
birthday: 29th July 1996
place of Birth: Cologne
home place: Lechenich (near Cologne)
star sign: Leo
occupation: Student
languages you speak: German, English, French, Italian& a bit Russian
hair color: dark ash blond
eye color: grey, blue& green
best features: eyes, legs& stomach
braces: yes
piercings: only earrings
tattoos: no but want my sister's name on the inner wrist of my right hand and when I have children I want their names under hers
which hand do you use: right

1st best friend: Michèle
" award: art competition
" sports: football& athletics
" real holiday: Indonesia, Netherlands& Austria
" concert: the Kooks 2011

Favorite film: LOL, Easy A& A Nightmare on Elmstreet
" TV show: Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, New Girl& Desperate Housewives
" color: grey, pink& burgundy
" song: Bück dich hoch- Deichkind
" restaurant: sushi bar in a near shopping center
" store: H&M, Zara, Liebeskind Berlin& Hollister
" book: Alice in wonderland, The passage& The Snowman
" magazine: InStyle
" shoes: my sister's grey wild leather half boots
" outfit: blue jeans, white v-neck t-shirt, a grey cardigan, sneakers& my pearl necklace
" subject: Art& Italian
" perfume: Fierce by Abercrombie& Fitch but the Cologne& Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Currently feel: stressed but happy
" weight: 56kg
" partnership: single & happy
" eat: sushi
" song: Leider Geil- Deichkind
" thinking: I should better learn for my math exam on friday :/
" watching: New Girl
" wearing: brown leather boots, blue mottled legin, grey long top, a big brown mottled  wool cardigan and my favorite pearl necklace
" sport: Kickboxing& Zumba

For the future...
... children: 1st a boy& then 2 years later a girl
... get married: no
... career: something with fashion or forensic scientist
... home place: Cologne, LA or Stockholm

Do you believe in...
... star signs: yes cause the star signs of me and nearly all my friends are really true and I think that's very fascinating
... god: yes I do but not into Jesus
... miracles: yes
... love at the first sight: no just attraction and only when you're getting to know each other you can fall in love with the other person
... ghosts: no
... aliens: yes cause the universe is so big and I think it would be sad if we would be the only people in the universe
... soul mates: yes
... heaven& hell: no
... karma: yes
... kissing on the first date: yes but no sex
... boys should make the 1st step: no if you like someone just tell him with a smile and hope the best
... yourself: yes cause I think that you first must have accepted yourself and then can be loved

DIY Mustache

I couldn't find a really cool mustache stamp that was under 10€ so I decided that I might do one myself :)

You just need:
- eraser (in the size you want the mustache to be)
- pen
- scalpel or razor-sharp
- ink

1. Draw a nice mustache onto your eraser. It can be helpful if you first draw a line in the middle and then try to do both halves the same. Can take some time.

2. Take your scalpel and cut around the lines.

1.->2. ->

 3. Then try to cut the unnecessary eraser pieces out.

 4. In the end it will look somehow like this, but it depends on the shape of your mustache :D

Just a tip be careful when you cut the pieces out cause you slip down very easily.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

StyleSuzi ♥

I just have to admit that I love StyleSuzi! She's such an inspiring, beautiful and nice person she's adorable, but that's only my opinion. And I've always the feeling that she really knows what she's talking about and never suggests something that she hasn't tested and isn't convinced of.
Just a little tip have a look at her blog maybe you'll be also interested in it :D

And I'll show you her newest tutorials:

Monday, February 27, 2012


Dunno but I have to say that I really like texts like these cause I think that they're great to tell your feelings or if you try to set a target for you eg. try to have more fun when you're young cause when you're old it's too late :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think that this image some friends of me took is such a nice picture.
It's just inspiring me and when I look at it I start thinking about friendship and what does it means, that you start bothering about the other and spend a lot of time together. And I think about being the same opinion and if not that it doesn't mind it's just about this feeling that there's someone that bothers about you and who you can tell all secrets of the whole world because you trust him :)

1st outfit :)

but have to tell you that this one is older. I think from last fall :D

Leggin: H&M
Top: H&M
Cardigan: Bershka
Bag: dunno. a friend's one :D

Friday, February 24, 2012


my wardrobe

I just got the amazing but also time consuming idea that I'll take pictures of my fave clothes, bags and shoes and that I'll post them here. Maybe but I dunno if I'll do it just because the weather and lightning isn't the best at the moment I also will take pictures of my fave outfits. :)
I'm very excited and I think that I'll ask one of my best friends for help because she's an amazing photographer :D Kathi you know that you're meant ;) :*

How I deal with my stuff

Honestly I love all my stuff, my bags, shoes, clothes and media stuff but I've a little problem and that's that I'm not very good to most of them accept my clothes and my laptop and most times my mobile but that'S it.
I really love all my stuff but  the're no human beings, have no feelings and all that stuff but I always feel so bad when I discover a new scratch or spot and always think i'll be better to my things but 5 minutes later my mobile falls out of my hand onto the street and there's a new scratch :(

Telling you a secret I got mine mobile for christmas and it looks like dunno let's say just really bad. It had been white but all the corners are nearly grey and hopeless scratched and I just love it that much but Karneval also hadn't been very kind to it :(

If I'm honestly I just have to say that I love these bags but also that they are a bit too expensive. If I'd have the money i would directly take the silver one because it's so glittering and special

That's why I'm normally looking for amazing but cheap stuff like these shoes. They're amzing the colour and this spring/ summer feeling :) Better than pink trousers but that's my opinion :D They coast 29,95€.
(I've posted the link of it underneath the picture)

The next thing that I'm going to buy is this bag by 'Liebeskind Berlin' very popular in Germany at the moment. And I have to say that I rally love this one so much! One of my best friends has it and it's perfect for me little but with a lot of space in it for my stuff (and you can trust me when I say that I've always a lot of stuff in my bag :D) This one is the model 'Maike' made of Nubuk leather in the colour mud and it's 99,90€. You can get this model in many colours and out of different leathers :) Just love it ♥

What I love

I love my friends.
I love my familiy.
I love London.
I love strawberries.
I love nail polish.
I love my nails.
I love coke light.
I love Sambucca.
I love Paris.
I love liquorice.
I love long and healthy hair.
I love the love.
I love the sun.
I love summers.
I love grey clothes, totally chilled.
I love white so pure.
I love living my live as a teenage girl.
I love Cologne.
I love sunsets.
I love driving fast.
I love the last summer.
I love Karneval.
I love my next birthday- 16!
I love my best male friend.
I love Rihanna.
I love sunshine whit a light breeze.
I love brown Labradors.
I love Adele.
I love Auletta.
I love house music.
I love dancing.
I love fairy tales.
I love horror and action movies .
I love claims.
I love writing.
I love taking pictures.
I love police tv series.
I love ZARA.
I love candlelight.
I love pineapple.
I love Gossip Girl.
I love Vampire Diaries.
I love Berlin Tag und Nacht.
I love that really grungy but still elegant out-of-bed-look.
I love curls.
I love intricate chains.
I love blazers.
I love really skinny jeans.
I love Hollister.
I love Abercrombie& Fitch.
I love Gilly Hicks.
I love human jogging pants.
I love the iPhone 4S.
I love Longchamp.
I love down jackets.
I love leather jackets with fake fur.
I love H&M.
I love bracelets.
I love Fossil watches.
I love Michael Kors watches.
I love golden jewelry.
I love pearls.
I love diaries.
I love notebooks.
I love my laptop.
I love Charmed.
I love Sauerbraten (typical German dish).
I love Chanel.
I love sms.
I love looks that are worth than thousand words.
I love smiles.
I love Underground driving.
I love dark blond hair.
I love my best friends who's at the moment in Canada.
I love my mobile.
I love English books.
I love Norwich books.
I love thrillers and crime fiction.
I love my cat, Lisa.
I love my little sister and her hair.
I love eyeliner and mascara.
I love it to have thousands of  covers and pillows in my bed.
I love the fields at my place.
I love the Ringe in Cologne.
I love to hear the stories of my best male friend's last weekend (he's always drunken).
I love dreaming.
I love wishes.
I love sour apples.
I love straight, white teeth.
I love presents.
I love lingerie.
I love taking a long and hot shower.
I love giving presents.
I love it when you fall asleep and know that he lies next to you.
I love Bootshaus.
I love the Diamonds.
I love Becks Ice.
I love Nachtflug.
I love Stylesuzi (
I love getting ready for night.
I love Michelle Phan (
I love Totoro.
I love necklaces.
I love rings.
I love earrings.
I love New York.
I love scarves.
I love we♥it (
I love Caiphirinha.
I love nightly walks especially in summer.
I love fireplaces.
I love Cologne by night.
I love Christmas markets.
I love mulled wine.
I love cookies.
I love Christmas.
I love chewing gum.
I love brownies.
I love cheesecake.
I love organizing events.
I love chucks.
I love high heels.
I love falling in loving and splitting up (both are new beginnings).
I love teen, dancing and cheerleader movies (watching them the whole Sundays).
I love A Nightmare on Elmstreet.
I love my mum and my dad.
I love talking to my best friends.
I love meeting my best friend and before saying hello smiling at him until he starts laughing.
I love driving scooter.
I love Vespas.
I love getting compliments for my look, body, smile, etc.
I love Zoeva cosmetics.
I love Maybelline L'oreal.
I love Catrice Foundations.
I love Emmi nail polishes.
I love reading my monthly InStyle.

and so much more :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I hate fighting with my best friends.
I hate my best friend because he's so important to me& that he sometimes annoys me with this fact.
I hate that some people say that they hate others but really don't know them.
I hate cleaning but i rally really hate it if it's dirty.
I hate bitches,  whores and wrong people (goes without an explanation I think).
I hate it when the bus or train is too late.
I hate being stand up.
I hate my ex boyfriend (but I not really hate him it's more like the ex-boyfriend-type of hating him).
I hate egoism.
I hate it if I have no internet access.
I hate being ill& especially headaches.
I hate it if someone says that he thinks that I'm younger than 16 years old.
I hate sox and sandals.
I hate yellow and green.
I hate it when I don't get what I want.
I hate hiking.
I hate the typical German Christmas dinner with sausages and potato salad.
I hate love sickness.
I hate my braces.
I hate it when my parents fight.
I hate the feeling that you get when you've hurt someone that means a lot to you and you realise it's too late.
I hate our new phone because it hasn't got a phone number book.
I hate being alone.
I hate that I always speak and then think.
I hate people without a style or character.
I hate my math teacher.
I hate chewed nails.

Muustache mobile design

At the moment I'm thinking about placing a black mustache onto the back of my mobile because I love such individual desings. 

I searched for a template on the inet and have found a website where they have some mustache templates.


OMG! I love these but the reakity is that I could never make it such perfect. In the video it looks really easy to make them but I failed :( I am going to try and try and maybe I will post a picture of my perfect moustache nails :D

Now it's time for ENGLISH!!

I decided that it would be a lot better if I would write in english now.
But I have to tell you that I'm not the best so please forgive me if the grammar or spelling is wrong :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Abercrombie& Fitch

Just have to say that I really love it ♥

and they are just so hot :D

xxx pearl

Sunday, January 8, 2012


dieses programm ist ziemlich cool wie man hier sieht :D
damit kann man fotos mit verschiedenen effekten bearbeiten, fotorahmen und spezial effete hinzufügen, da können ein paar wiklich coole fotos bei herauskommen ;D

das ist die startseite der website :)

Versucht es am besten auch mal aus es gibt schöne kombis die man zusammen stellen kann :)

xoxo pearl