Friday, February 24, 2012

How I deal with my stuff

Honestly I love all my stuff, my bags, shoes, clothes and media stuff but I've a little problem and that's that I'm not very good to most of them accept my clothes and my laptop and most times my mobile but that'S it.
I really love all my stuff but  the're no human beings, have no feelings and all that stuff but I always feel so bad when I discover a new scratch or spot and always think i'll be better to my things but 5 minutes later my mobile falls out of my hand onto the street and there's a new scratch :(

Telling you a secret I got mine mobile for christmas and it looks like dunno let's say just really bad. It had been white but all the corners are nearly grey and hopeless scratched and I just love it that much but Karneval also hadn't been very kind to it :(

If I'm honestly I just have to say that I love these bags but also that they are a bit too expensive. If I'd have the money i would directly take the silver one because it's so glittering and special

That's why I'm normally looking for amazing but cheap stuff like these shoes. They're amzing the colour and this spring/ summer feeling :) Better than pink trousers but that's my opinion :D They coast 29,95€.
(I've posted the link of it underneath the picture)

The next thing that I'm going to buy is this bag by 'Liebeskind Berlin' very popular in Germany at the moment. And I have to say that I rally love this one so much! One of my best friends has it and it's perfect for me little but with a lot of space in it for my stuff (and you can trust me when I say that I've always a lot of stuff in my bag :D) This one is the model 'Maike' made of Nubuk leather in the colour mud and it's 99,90€. You can get this model in many colours and out of different leathers :) Just love it ♥

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