Sunday, July 1, 2012

wonderful weekend :)

This weekend had been so wonderful :) Not only that the boy I'm interested in apologized to me for being to nervous so that he just turned around and went when I came straight to him to welcome him. but also two of my best friends graduated on saturday :) and that I forgave my male ex-best friend for hitting my ex boyfriend, he just don't know that :S :D

I think the next week until the summer holidays start will be chilled but also complicated cause I have to tell that male ex-best friend that I forgave him but just dunno how I should do that. 
I think that I will have to make another step toward that boy I'm interested in and that also will get complicated (*). 
Last but not least I will have to meet all my friends that are going to go away in the holidays and there's just not enough time :( 
and finally I will have to decide on the people I want to invite to my birthday party in august but I hate that kind of things cause I'm very bad in deciding that kind of things and I have to send the invitations to all of them.

(*EXTRA INFO to that boy I'm interested in:
Last friday we met on the birthday party of one of my best friends and I really didn't know many people cause I'm at another school :/ but most of them also lived in my town so I knew the most faces. And after a while a friend invited me to sit with her and her friends, so I sat down and next to me sat that boy. He's really cute, humorous and taller than me :) but he also smokes a lot but being realistic I like man who smoke like cigarettes :/ From the beginning on he always included me in the conversations and it worked. All in all he was very nice :) Later that evening my friend and he wanted to throw the ashtray away, so we went to the next playground and threw it into the trashcan. My friend had the idea that we could rock but there was a little problem 3 people but only 2 rocks. So he and me had to rock together and what had happened then had been so sweet :) When I sat down on his lap he directly put his arm around my waist and hold me also he lay down his head on my shoulder and watched me the whole time even when my friend was speaking :)
We all went back but later we went there again but this time my friend said that she had to go to the toilet. So we were alone and he tried to kiss me but I just turned him down :/ and he looked so sad and I really dunno why I did that cause I really really like him and in the moment when I said >sorry but that won't work< I knew that what I did was wrong :( but that's how it works :D)


  1. kiraaaaaaaaaaa wenn du deine leser nicht zeigst kann ich dich nicht verfolgen. :-------(