Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Mustache

I couldn't find a really cool mustache stamp that was under 10€ so I decided that I might do one myself :)

You just need:
- eraser (in the size you want the mustache to be)
- pen
- scalpel or razor-sharp
- ink

1. Draw a nice mustache onto your eraser. It can be helpful if you first draw a line in the middle and then try to do both halves the same. Can take some time.

2. Take your scalpel and cut around the lines.

1.->2. ->

 3. Then try to cut the unnecessary eraser pieces out.

 4. In the end it will look somehow like this, but it depends on the shape of your mustache :D

Just a tip be careful when you cut the pieces out cause you slip down very easily.

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