Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salt& Vinegar chips ♥

I really love Walker salt& vinegar chips. I would die for them!
The 1st time i ate them had been in England I've been on a class trip to Oxford. i didn't like the english food except of them so I only ate them the whole trip ling. I think 2 weeks :D
But them I forgot them until our next class trip to London :)
I've carried out to take two big packets homewards, but in the bus we ate all bags except of one that I gave to my mother :)

Yesterday I was in a hurry but still had to buy a birthday present for a friend so I thought I could have a look in the English Shop in Cologne because she's going to Ireland next summer. There I bought an Ireland flag but when I was standing at the cash I saw the Walkers and I just had to buy a big pack half of it I gave to my friend but the other three I ate on the way to the party :D

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