Wednesday, March 7, 2012

About me

name: Kira
nickname: Kiri
birthday: 29th July 1996
place of Birth: Cologne
home place: Lechenich (near Cologne)
star sign: Leo
occupation: Student
languages you speak: German, English, French, Italian& a bit Russian
hair color: dark ash blond
eye color: grey, blue& green
best features: eyes, legs& stomach
braces: yes
piercings: only earrings
tattoos: no but want my sister's name on the inner wrist of my right hand and when I have children I want their names under hers
which hand do you use: right

1st best friend: Michèle
" award: art competition
" sports: football& athletics
" real holiday: Indonesia, Netherlands& Austria
" concert: the Kooks 2011

Favorite film: LOL, Easy A& A Nightmare on Elmstreet
" TV show: Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, New Girl& Desperate Housewives
" color: grey, pink& burgundy
" song: Bück dich hoch- Deichkind
" restaurant: sushi bar in a near shopping center
" store: H&M, Zara, Liebeskind Berlin& Hollister
" book: Alice in wonderland, The passage& The Snowman
" magazine: InStyle
" shoes: my sister's grey wild leather half boots
" outfit: blue jeans, white v-neck t-shirt, a grey cardigan, sneakers& my pearl necklace
" subject: Art& Italian
" perfume: Fierce by Abercrombie& Fitch but the Cologne& Hypnotic Poison by Dior
Currently feel: stressed but happy
" weight: 56kg
" partnership: single & happy
" eat: sushi
" song: Leider Geil- Deichkind
" thinking: I should better learn for my math exam on friday :/
" watching: New Girl
" wearing: brown leather boots, blue mottled legin, grey long top, a big brown mottled  wool cardigan and my favorite pearl necklace
" sport: Kickboxing& Zumba

For the future...
... children: 1st a boy& then 2 years later a girl
... get married: no
... career: something with fashion or forensic scientist
... home place: Cologne, LA or Stockholm

Do you believe in...
... star signs: yes cause the star signs of me and nearly all my friends are really true and I think that's very fascinating
... god: yes I do but not into Jesus
... miracles: yes
... love at the first sight: no just attraction and only when you're getting to know each other you can fall in love with the other person
... ghosts: no
... aliens: yes cause the universe is so big and I think it would be sad if we would be the only people in the universe
... soul mates: yes
... heaven& hell: no
... karma: yes
... kissing on the first date: yes but no sex
... boys should make the 1st step: no if you like someone just tell him with a smile and hope the best
... yourself: yes cause I think that you first must have accepted yourself and then can be loved

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